The Centre of Translational Genomics (CTG) established in 2011, is focused on the development of an unique and universal database based on the Estonian Biobank, where genetic variation, genome transcription and epigenetic alterations are described in detail (association analysis, gene expression profiling, eQTL mapping, linear modeling, DNA methylation analysis etc.), together with the characterization of full proteomes (content, modifications and concentrations) and metabolomes (final products of metabolism) as a direct result of the previous processes. The bioanalytic experiments will be supported by strong expertise in informatics, bioinformatics and biostatistics.

This database to be developed in 5 years period (2011-2015) will include different biological data of randomly selected participants who have joined the Estonian Biobank previously. All workgroups at the University of Tartu involved in the CTG include top-level scientists with specific knowledge and infrastructure, aimed at making a joint effort to add basic scientific knowledge into the advancement of personalized medicine.

Launching of an ambitious project like that is possible in a very few research centers in Europe. Therefore, CTG is at the forefront of translational medicine and our scientsists will have a unique possibility to discover the genetic, epigenetic, transcriptomic, proteomic and metabolomic components of common and complex diseases. Working in a close collaboration with the main international research centres, CTG scientists believe they can make a substantial contribution to the effectiveness of the advancement of personalized medicine.

This research initiative will place the University of Tartu to the map together with the leading European research centers as a collaboration partner and/or a coordinator of new projects, as well as an outstanding research center for graduate and postdoctoral studies.